Regional Vice President for Region 29

Wow that was a great RVP report Regional Vice Presidents (RVP's): CCHS has a network of Regional Vice President to identify and empower new member leaders, utilize members and volunteers to help enhance the Representative Region, and to facilitate communication between members and the CCHS leadership. See the Regional Vice President page for more details (and full listing and email addresses of current regional representatives).

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It may be outside the scope of this meeting, but early in the process I would suggest doing a situation analysis and having common agreement on the mission and vision of the CCHS. Certainly retaining and growing membership is a priority. However, before this can effectively be done, value must be created. That value would come primarily from an expansion of key benefits to historical societies as you have suggested. These benefits would be based on the needs of local historical societies. They may include recommended sources for archival software, scanners, organizational development workshops, a newsletter featuring articles on different aspects of organizational development, etc. I believe the first priority is to create key benefits for local historical societies that delivery value to them. Successfully achieving this will result in growing membership to a level that will make the CCHS a financially viable organization.

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Regional Vice President for Region 29