2019 Board of Directors

*Officers and Representatives of the Conference of California Historical Societies - These volunteers provide the necessary leadership - making CCHS a great organization.


In 2015 the Conference of California Historical Societies reduced the maximum number of members on the Board of Directors to 25, determining that was a more manageable level. Because some positions are vacant, the President was given authority to appoint up to seven members-at-large to temporarily serve as a board member, subject to approval by the Board prior to meetings occurring. (If CCHS member, see By-laws (within NationBuilder) or contact CCHS Office for more complete information.)

 Current Board Members

*President -- Therese Melbar, Bakersfield
*First Vice President/President-Elect -- Allison Bruesehoff, Rancho Dominguez
*Second Vice President -- Ann Shea, Downey (special appointment)
*Secretary -- Barbara Kimball, Highland
*Treasurer -- John Shea, Downey
*Past President -- Andrea Blachman, Martinez

RVP Group Leader A ([Regions]1,2,3,4,5) -- Vacant

RVP Group Leader B (7,8,14,16,38) -- Kris Payne, Diamond Springs

RVP Group Leader C (6,9,11,13,35) -- Todd Shulman, Vallejo

RVP Group Leader D (10,12,21,23,24) -- Vacant

RVP Group Leader E (15,17,18,19,22) -- Gary Bancroft, Crestline

RVP Group Leader F (20,32,33,34,36) -- Vacant

RVP Group Leader G (30,31,37,39,40) -- Alison Bruesehoff, Long Beach

RVP Group Leader H (25,26,27,28,29) -- Vacant

Past Presidents Representative -- Vacant

Trust Fund Chair -- Vacant

Publications -- Vacant

Member-at-Large -- Vacant

*Executive Committee

All Committee Chairs are considered Board Members as per the By Laws  (5.04A3 & 6.03C3).  The President can appoint up to 7 additional Board at Large members as needed (5.04A5-subject to approval of the Board).


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