Regional Vice President for Region 8

Regional Vice Presidents (RVP's): CCHS has a network of Regional Vice President to identify and empower new member leaders, utilize members and volunteers to help enhance the Representative Region, and to facilitate communication between members and the CCHS leadership. See the Regional Vice President page for more details (and full listing and email addresses of current regional representatives).

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Q: If you visit the CCHS Website, what do you utilize the website for?
A: For information and how to find ways to keep it timely and informative.

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That was one of the options we had looked at. Sadly, because of time constraints and other issues, we were unable to fit it in. I would like to visit it as well.—Michael Otten, 2nd Vice President

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We are in the process of updating this page. Please keep checking back

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What happened to the gift membership form?

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This registration is for myself and spouse, Jean Lee Bullock, Dinner choices: Salmon with champagne sauce, New York strip. Not sure what total is. Please let me know if both registered.

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Thank you for your registration!  If you registered more than one person, please list their name below. Please also note any dietary restrictions or special needs.  Thank you!

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“It is deeply satisfying to win a prize in front of a lot of people.”—E. B. White in Charlotte’s Web
This is something we see every year at the annual CCHS meeting when we pause to honor our hard workers in the history field. Consider this a friendly reminder to nominate those worthy individuals. Now is the time to work on those nominations in order to meet the Feb. 15, 2016, deadline. Details under “awards” in the “About” dropdown box above.

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RVP Region 8 (Sierra Gateway - Nevada, Placer, Sierra, Sutter, Yuba)