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Regional Vice Presidents Meet in Southern California (Claremont) and Northern California (Sacramento) to Discuss the Future of the RVP Program

It's happened! Two groups of Regional Vice Presidents met on January 14 and 25, 2017 to discuss the future of the CCHS RVP Program. The meetings were led by Ralph Thomas, CCHS Strategic Planning Committee Chair and Cim Castellon, RVP Program Sub-Committee Chair. Thanks to Ralph (RVP Region 29 - East San Gabriel Valley) and Cim (RVP Region 20 - Riverside County) for making the drive to Sacramento. The attendees for the Claremont meeting were Therese Melbar (RVP Region 22 - Kern, Kings, and Tulare Counties), Gary Bancroft (RVP Region 19 - Southern San Bernardino County), John Shea (RVP Region 30 - San Gabriel River) , and Alison Bruesehoff (RVP Region 39 - Long Beach). The attendees for the Sacramento meeting, besides Ralph and Cim, were Michael Otten (RVP Region 8 - Nevada, Placer, Sierra, Sutter, and Yuba Counties), Maryellen Burns-Dabaghian (RVP Region 7 - Sacramento and Yolo Counties), Mary-Ellen Jones (RVP Region 11 - Contra Costa County), Al Minard (RVP Region 13 - South Alameda County), Kris Payne (RVP Regions 38 - El Dorado County and 16- Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne Counties) and by telephone, Arlene Hartin (RVP Region 1 - Del Norte and Humboldt Counties). An additional, special attendee was Andrea Blachman (CCHS President - Martinez).


Structured similarly, the two meetings included PowerPoint presentations and question/answer discussions about being a CCHS Regional Vice President and the representation of the RVPs in the business of California history throughout the State. Special emphasis was placed on honoring the new vision for CCHS and collectively being consistent in the "join us" message. Any questions? Take a look at our website tabs - About and Resources above.


"New Officers Meet in Sacramento to Discuss Strategic Plan and Initiatives" - Our new President - Andrea Blachman, 1st Vice President - Michael Otten, and 2nd Vice President - Ralph Thomas, met in Sacramento Wednesday, August 17, 2016 to discuss progress and efforts currently on-going in the development of the CCHS Strategic Plan and Initiatives. All taking this matter seriously at the highest level, Ralph (Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee) flew up from Southern California for the day and lead 6 hours of in depth discussion with Andrea from the Bay Area, and Michael from the Sacramento Metropolitan Area to make sure all were in concert with the Plan development and to answer any questions that they might have in regards to moving forward. Each gave their day to meet face to face and to show that CCHS leadership represents the entire State of California and to show the importance of this matter. (See additional information about the CCHS Strategic Plan below.)  


CCHS and Its future:

The CCHS Strategic Plan and Initiatives are currently being developed. The Strategic Planning Committee chaired by Ralph Thomas includes: Cim Castellon (RVP Program), Andrea Blachman (Audience Development), Todd Shulman (Knowledge Base), Allison Bruesehoff (Leadership Development), and John Lenau (Fund Development). Place your cursor on Resources in the above navigation bar for additional information.

We all at CCHS look forward to the continued progress of the Strategic Planning Committee and the completed development of the Strategic Plan and Initiatives. Stand by for future updates.


**Harris Ranch Kickoff / Initial Discussion - August 29, 2015**

The Planning Meeting of CCHS was held at Harris Ranch in Coalinga CA on August 29, 2015. Much was accomplished during this extremely busy day!  Prior to the meeting, John Lenau, CCHS President and Ben Wirick, Administrator had set expectations about what was to take place at the meeting, this to prepare the attendees for an effective effort. The location of the meeting was selected to be Harris Ranch because of its mid-state position, conveniently along I-5 within a maximum of 4 to 5 hour drive in any direction. 16 attendees of the Board participated with Ben facilitating.


The Key Items expected and delivered from the attendees included:

  • Setting priorities for the organization for the next several years (5 years was selected)
  • Identifying how we are going to achieve those goals and what the specific activities are that need to happen to be successful (Specific goals were identified and will be published in CCHS shortly)
  • Be ready to volunteer on a committee that you think will make a difference (All attendees volunteered for committees established for the goals selected)
  • Have a little fun (Attendees were formed into teams to complete in a timed mental exercise)
  • Planning session, how will you be able to effect change throughout California’s Historical community – how much will it cost, how much revenue will be generated (Brainstormed, Proposed, Discussed, and Debated. Financial implications were deferred to committees for recommendation)
  • By the end of the meeting, we hope to have identified critical issues to CCHS and California’s historical community and we hope to have a plan to address those issues. (Accomplished with initial discussion and reporting of committees)

If you have any questions about the Planning Meeting or want to participate in discussions about the future of CCHS, please comment below. The Board is committed to successfully address the issues that have been identified during the Planning Meeting and to guide CCHS in response to the needs of its members.



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The motivations behind the CCHS are to interface Carmel inhabitants to the past by saving and sharing its accumulations and by giving instructive projects praising the historical backdrop of Carmel.
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Planning Meeting Update reports were given by committee members at the Fall Symposium in Redding on October17, 2015. Topics reported on included Membership Campaign, Strategic Partnerships, Workshops, Knowledge Base, Symposiums, Annual Meeting, California Historian, Needs Assessment, Audience Development, and RVP Program. If you have any questions, please post your comment.
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