2015 Annual Meeting - Opening 2015 AM - Keynote Speaker: Laura A. Ackley, Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915

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2015 Annual Meeting - San Francisco Presidio Friday Tour

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2015 Annual Meeting - Friday Night Dinner & Saturday Awards Luncheon - Keynote Speaker (Friday): Jeanne Farr McDonnell, Juana Briones of 19th Century CA

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    DSC_0673.JPG   CCHS_2015_Annual_Meeting_Awards_Picture.jpg


2015 Annual Meeting - California Historical Society Saturday Tour - Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915

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2015 Annual Meeting - Basque Cultural Center Saturday Night Dinner - Speakers: John Lenau & Ben Wirick                                                                                   

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commented 2017-12-29 16:44:53 -0800 · Flag
Ben—- Is it possible to get a copy of the photo in Events/Photos, 2015 Ann Mtg, Friday Dinner, the top middle photo?
Richard Proctor

PS. Where is the 2018 Ann Mtg?
commented 2017-01-17 07:53:58 -0800 · Flag
These are great. The only regret I have is people are not identified (group shots aren’t always possible, for example those where Ben is speaking and people are seated at tables. After speaking to Kris Payne on the phone, I would love to find a picture of him to put a face to his voice. Thanks for all the hard, time-consuming work you do!
commented 2015-06-17 09:03:26 -0700 · Flag
Great pictures – thanks to Kris for taking these pics and for uploading them for us all to enjoy!
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