California Historian

The California Historian is the Conference of California Historical Societies flagship publication. As time permits, we will be posting an index of important articles of past issues. Some of the articles and book reviews will be posted on this site. 

The California Historian is uniquely "Sharing California's Heritage." Since 1954, first as a newsletter then a magazine, it has provided great articles and information. "It's a must for all history buffs." So begin reading and enjoying it, as others already do! 

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For a full index of California Historian publications click here.


Shasta Historical Society's oldest copy of the California Historian - December 1959

Discovered while strolling through the Shasta Historical Society library by Kris Payne (RVP Region 38) during the Fall Symposium reception in Redding,CA. John Shea CCHS Treasurer (Past President, 1992-1994)​, Ann Shea Past President (2 times, see below) and John Lenau current President look at the past copy.


Ann Shea Past President 1986-1987 (2013-2014) finds herself in another copy of the Shasta Historical Society's collection of California Historians


The California Historian continues to share California's heritage through many direct and indirect ways!



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It is surprising what you will find at CCHS events. While attending the Shasta Historical Society’s reception for the Fall Symposium in Redding, I strolled through their library and found a collection of past California Historians with the oldest being December 1959. I shared my discovery with others and had a great time hearing stories about their past involvement in CCHS.
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The current California Historian with the History of Ranching in California’s San Ramon Valley cover has just started a Look Back at 60 Years of CCHS. These are a republish of past articles with the History of the Beginnings of CCHS by Mary Lou Lyon (Revised 7/23/93) and Getting Acquainted with CCHS by Christie Bourdet (First Published 1996) as two important CCHS historical narratives. Take a look back at these and other retro articles in the Special Section.
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I love California – honestly – I was born and raised here.
Cali is supposed to be one of the TOP in the Design field……….
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Change address- Lynne Bajuk, 1251 Hawthorne St, Alameda CA 94501. When will I receive a Historian magazine??? Lynne
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