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The 2016 Annual Meeting has begun. Still time to participate in some of the activities, call for information at the CCHS office @ (909) 480-3964. (Hope to see you here!!!) The CCHS 2016 Annual Meeting is in Claremont through Saturday night, June 25, 2016 at the DoubleTree by Hilton.  CCHS staff has been very accommodating to bring its members and nonmembers the most enjoyable experience at the least cost. Join us and experience CCHS at its best! Click on the banner above for more details.


Historical Connections (California Route 21) - The 2016 CCHS Fall Symposium* is coming October 20-23, 2016 - You won't want to miss it!

Come to the Bay Area's Tri-Valley to visit four historical sites and museums; attend workshops; enjoy talks and history-related activities; and join some great pre- and post- symposium field trips, all along historic State Route 21. You have a chance to visit and learn about the history of California through the lens of four outstanding museums: The Museum of the San Ramon Valley in Danville (Contra Costa County, CCHS Region 11); San Ramon's Forest Home Farms Historic Park (Contra Costa County. CCHS Region 11); Dublin's Heritage Park and Museum (Alameda County, CCHS Region 13); and Pleasanton's Alviso Adobe Community Park (Alameda County, CCHS Region 13).

*Sponsors for this outstanding event include: Friends of the Alviso Adobe, Dublin Historical Preservation Association, Museum of the San Ramon Valley, San Ramon Valley Historical Society, San Ramon Historical Foundation, and the cities of Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and the Town of Danville, and of course, CCHS.


The Finals have concluded>>>>>>National History Day - California State Finals: May 6-7, 2016 @ William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA was another great success. The winners have been posted. Click on National History Day to visit the NHD/California website and to find more information. Check out the latest postings on Facebook and Twitter.                      

"National History Day, is a year-long educational program that encourages students to explore local, state, national, and world history."



The Spring Symposium @ San Juan Capistrano (February 25-27, 2016) was such an amazing event. Each day was unique and overall represented a collage of experiences that we will long remember. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to see a variety of pictures that give you a feeling of the event, its participants and the social comradery affected on us by its activities. The Fall Symposium: October 20-23, 2016 will be in San Ramon, CA. The details are being developed. With the Spring Symposium such a great time, consider joining us for the Fall Symposium in San Ramon. You won't regret it!

GORDON WILL BE MISSED. Gordon Martin of Stockton, president of the Conference of California Historical Societies 1998-2000, died in Prescott. AZ March 6. Martin and his wife of 57 years, Gracelyn, have long been a regular fixture in CCHS activities in a variety of ways for probably at least 35 years. In fact, they were both actively involved in the Spring Symposium in San Juan Capistrano at the end of February. They were always a joy to talk to as they had a great many stories to share. Gordon is going to be missed by all who got to know him. —Michael Otten *See Friends of CCHS Memorial page for additional information.*


CCHS CALL FOR AWARDS OF MERIT (Its too late for 2016, so get started on 2017 entries)

Please Note: There is a new "media" category for the Awards of Merit.

Reminder: Don’t wait until the last minute to start work on the entries.

Deadline: February 15, 2017  Start now. Give yourself at least six weeks.

Check Rules and Categories:

Question(s): Ask Committee Chair John Shea at

Save the Dates
Join/Renew Membership for 2016:  NOW 

Fall Symposium: October 20-23, 2016 @ San Ramon, CA. See above in "CCHS News". Consider attending!

Calendar 2017 –Suggested sites for the Spring and Fall Symposiums are Manzanar, Bodie, Mariposa, and El Centro, with the Annual meeting in Sacramento. Dates are being determined. The exact locations are under review, express your preference by contacting your RVPs or by contacting the CCHS office. All these sites have historical significance so it will be hard to pick which one.


WHAT IS CCHS? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>CCHS was founded in 1954 as a federation of historical societies, museums, libraries, and other history-oriented groups and individuals with a common appreciation and love of history. 

> CCHS helps historians, and others who are interested in history, to connect and share information -- joining efforts to preserve records, artifacts, sites, and buildings. This website is the gateway into joining this unique endeavor with other passionate individuals and groups throughout California. The network of sharing is in place and ready for your involvement. 

> CCHS also helps local societies and small museums with skills in management, acquisition, preservation, and restoration techniques. Through its extensive series of workshops, symposiums, and annual meetings, CCHS is delivering what you need to be successful.  

This website is an extension of the CCHS effort. It is your opportunity to join us and learn what others are doing with similar expectations.  We hope you take advantage of what is offered and enjoy our resources. If you are not yet a CCHS member, please join us. Your involvement will make us collectively stronger. You will gain the various benefits available only to members. Our variable membership fee schedule makes a membership affordable and accessible to everyone.

If still not certain that CCHS is right for you, at least consider our mailing list for access to helpful information and to let us know your particular needs. Sign up today for our mailing list by clicking here. We appreciate your consideration in what CCHS offers and thank you for spending time on our website.



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I like the new communicative approach from the executive board of representing CCHS as a forward thinking, efficient and effective, must be part of, organization that is dynamic and will make the necessary changes to secure its place in promoting California history.

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Please include all of us: Fall Symposium: October 20-23, 2016 @ Danville, Dublin, San Ramon and Pleasanton, CA. Consider attending!
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National History Day 2016 is over. The Home page has been updated to reflect current CCHS information and activities.
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Out of admiration and respect, I am pleased to honor CCHS contributors that most recently passed away by creating the Friends of CCHS Memorial page. Please review the current postings of our friends no longer with us.
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I like the new communicative approach from the executive board of representing CCHS as a forward thinking, efficient and effective, must be part of, organization that is dynamic and will make the necessary changes to secure its place in promoting California history.

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“It is deeply satisfying to win a prize in front of a lot of people.”—E. B. White in Charlotte’s Web
This is something we see every year at the annual CCHS meeting when we pause to honor our hard workers in the history field. Consider this a friendly reminder to nominate those worthy individuals. Now is the time to work on those nominations in order to meet the Feb. 15, 2016, deadline. Details under “awards” in the “About” dropdown box above.
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Based on feedback received since the last HOME page update, I have rearranged the page information and again updated. FYI, “Breaking CCHS News” is now called “CCHS News”. Constructive comments are always appreciated.
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The website HOME page has been updated. Ready, Set, Go, start working on the “Awards of Merit” nominations. Also, see “Save the Dates” for upcoming events.
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I totally agree with Michael Otten.
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As you read this, I bet you can think of someone or two or group deserving of this prestigious award. Please don’t delay in getting started. Your nominee will appreciate your efforts.—Michael Otten, 2nd Vice President, CCHS
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On this Home page, check out the “Breaking CCHS News” section for the latest information about the events and activities of the Conference.
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Dear members,
The Best Western in Redding is accepting reservations for our Fall Symposium. Please call (530) 241-5500 and use our code: CCHS and the arrival date of October 15th for the discounted rates.

If you still have question please call us (909) 480-3964 or email for more information.
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Thank you to everyone who has posted in our website’s comments section. Please note the site rules listed on the link above, which states specific policies around the posting of material. Also, note: CCHS reserves the right to remove any content in the comments section that does not honor the posting rules or, at CCHS’s own discretion, is deemed material that is not relevant to our members.
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As a Regional Vice-President (RVP) of CCHS, I recommend that all RVPs click on the e-mail word in the upper right corner of the CCHS Home Page and obtain access to NationBuilder, which is CCHS’s administrative network (software) of choice. If you have registered before and have forgotten your password, contact the CCHS office for assistance in retrieving it. NationBuilder is the administrative link to all CCHS & RVP regional information. Each RVP is a point person to individual and society/museum members. Come to the Burlingame 2015 Annual Meeting for additional CCHS NationBuilder operations information & training. RVPs should use this tool. NationBuilder is useful, available and important in making CCHS successful.
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Thanks to everyone for the great comments and feedback. Please do not post advertisements with your comment – it will be removed.
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I like the new communicative approach from the executive board of representing CCHS as a forward thinking, efficient and effective, must be part of, organization that is dynamic and will make the necessary changes to secure its place in promoting California history.
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