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The mission of the Conference of California Historical Societies is the preservation of
California History by unifying and strengthening Historical Organizations throughout the State.


 Thank you to all that attended the
      65th Annual Meeting in Placerville, CA!

Our 2019 Annual Meeting sold out!  Please be sure to check back for details on next year's 
66th Annual Meeting taking place along Historic Route 66 in San Bernardino, CA.

Fun Time At The 2019 Spring Meet-up:
The International Print Museum

April 25, 2019 in Carson, CA

CCHS just hosted a special spring time event to provide its members with a unique history-based opportunity. Participants enjoyed this multi-faceted experience with an emphasis on past communication. 

The International Printing Museum is a public non-profit organization and was founded in 1988 by David Jacobson and Ernest A. Lindner and features The Lindner Collection of Antique Printing Machinery. Website: https://www.printmuseum.org

David Jacobson of Gutenberg Expositions and collector Ernest A. Lindner started the museum in 1988 to house the Lindner collection of antique printing machinery. The collection has grown with significant donations and acquisitions under the leadership of the museum's board of trustees and its founding curator and executive director, Mark Barbour. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Printing_Museum

The Ben Franklin Gallery Tour:

Beginning with a tour through the Printing Museum's extensive collection of working machinery, attendees experienced the development of the arts and technologies used to transmit ideas, including writing, paper-making, printing and bookbinding.  From printing a bible page on Gutenberg's Press, to visiting Franklin's printing shop, even watching the marvelous newspaper machines of the Industrial Revolution.

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History of Conference of California Historical Societies

Conference of California Historical Societies was founded  in 1954 as a federation of historical societies, museums, libraries, and other history-oriented groups and individuals with a common appreciation and love of history. 

CCHS helps historians, and others who are interested in history, to connect and share information -- joining efforts to preserve records, artifacts, sites, and buildings. This website is the gateway into joining this unique endeavor with other passionate individuals and groups throughout California. The network of sharing is in place and ready for your involvement. 

CCHS also helps local societies and small museums with skills in management, acquisition, preservation, and restoration techniques. Through its extensive series of workshops and annual meetings, CCHS is delivering what you need to be successful.

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CCHS TRUST FUND - Committee Meeting Occurred On December 11th

Our CCHS Trust Fund Committee met on Tuesday, December 11th in Fairfield CA. The meeting was hosted by Todd Shulman of the Napa Police Historical Society and CCHS Regional Vice President, Region 35 (Napa/Solano Counties). The review of the Trust Fund Portfolio resulted in no changes, but continued discussion occurred about continual oversight of the Fund and potential fundraising opportunities. Donations are very much appreciated can be made above on the upper navigation bar using the "Donate" tab.

The Committee nominated and was pleased that Todd accepted the position of 2019 CCHS Trust Fund Committee Chair with the outgoing Chair, Al Minard (Regional Vice President Region 13 (South Alameda County) receiving a beautifully designed certificate from CCHS President Therese Melbar (second from right, RVP Region 22 (Kern County) for Al's many years of Trust Fund Committee service. Barbara Kimbell Trust Fund Committee member and CCHS Secretary participated. Kris Payne Trust Fund Committee member (group photo photographer, RVP Regions 38 (El Dorado County) and 16 (Amador/Calaveras/Tuolumne Counties) also participated.





NHD California State Finals will be held in May 2020 @ William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA. The 2019-2020 theme is Breaking Barriers in History. For information, visit the NHD/California website and to find more information, visit the National website. Also, check out the latest postings on Facebook and Twitter.                      

"NHD is a year-long educational program that encourages students to explore local, state, national, and world history." *Engaging students and teachers in historical research & skills development* Remember Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. So get involved!

The intentional selection of the theme for NHD is to provide an opportunity for students to push past the antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and understanding.

 The NHD competition has two divisions based on school grade.
• Junior Division — grades 6, 7, and 8
• Senior Division — grades 9, 10, 11, and 12
Entries in each division are judged separately at all levels of competition.



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