Congratulations 2017 Award of Merit Recipients

[From left to right, the recipients or their representative: Larry Swindell (Rep), Tom Zamaria, Lori Wear, Deborah Zamaria, Patricia Riley Williams (Rep), Marguerite Harrell (Rep), Rodi Lee, John Shea (Awards of Merit Committee Chair - Rep for Tustin Historical Society and Dr. Abraham Hoffman), Elrond Lawrence, and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley; Attending event, but not in picture: Susan Swindell. Thanks to Colleen Lund, Susan Sperry, and Elsie Mastick for representing Award of Merit recipients not able to attend]





The 63rd Annual CCHS Meeting is over. It is rewarding to participate in activities that bring so much enjoyment to such a diverse group – members and visitors. Highlights abound so here is the summary:

  • Thursday, June 22nd – Late morning we arrived at Best Western Plus (BWP) Orchid Hotel & Suites (Roseville CA). In order of activities, we attended the Noon Regional Vice Presidents meeting lead by Michael Otten, CCHS 1st VP. Then, Joint Executive Committee/Board of Directors meeting lead by Andrea Blachman, CCHS President. In later afternoon, we toured the Carnegie Library Museum hosted by Christina Richter, Roseville Historical Society President. In the evening, we held the Reception/BWP Happy Hour hosted by Michael Otten (so much food that most didn’t have to go to dinner.)
  • Friday, June 23rd – We began with a morning BWP Complimentary Breakfast/Social Time. Then Two Sessions/Two Tracks of Workshops - Marketing & Social Media presented by Christina Richter, Roseville Historical Society President;...

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Another successful NHD California State Finals were held on May 6-7, 2017 @ William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA. For information, visit the NHD/California website and to find more information, visit the National website. Also, check out the latest postings on Facebook and Twitter.                      

"NHD is a year-long educational program that encourages students to explore local, state, national, and world history." *Engaging students and teachers in historical research & skills development* Remember Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. So get involved!




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