Strategic Plan and Initatives

The Beginning:

On August 29, 2015, a Planning Kickoff / Initial Discussion meeting was held at Harris Ranch in Coalinga CA. The meeting was a single-day retreat format with participants coming from throughout California. At the conclusion of the meeting, assignments were made with the formation of a new Strategic Plan and Initiatives Committee to be lead by Ralph Thomas, CCHS Region 29 RVP as Chair.

Since August 29, 2015, the Strategic Plan and Initiatives Committee has met various times, made reports to both to the CCHS Executive Board and full Board of Directors. Most recently Ralph Thomas lead a workshop discussion about the general topic of strategic planning and included commentary about the future CCHS at the Claremont Annual Meeting. FYI - Click on "Resources- Knowledge Base" for the PowerPoint presentation delivered at the 2016 CCHS Annual Meeting by Ralph Thomas on June 24, 2016, entitled "How to Achieve Your Vision."

CCHS and Its Future:

The Strategic Plan and Initiatives are being developed. The Strategic Planning Committee includes: Cim Castellon (RVP Program), Andrea Blachman (Audience Development), Todd Shulman (Knowledge Base), Allison Bruesehoff (Leadership Development), and John Lenau (Fund Development).

We at CCHS all look forward to the continued progress of the Strategic Planning Committee and the completed development of the Strategic Plan and Initiatives. Stand by for future updates. 

Strategic Plan Initiatives: 

The CCHS Strategic Plan is being developed under the following initiatives, with regular updates from Committee members: 

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