Important By-Law Change: In 2015 the Conference of California Historical Societies reduced the maximum number of members on the Board of Directors to 25, determining that was a more manageable level. Because some positions are vacant, the President was given authority to appoint up to seven at large members to temporarily serve as a board member, subject to approval by the board prior to meetings. (See By-laws for additional detail).

The Conference of California Historical Societies (CCHS) was founded in 1954 as a federation of historical societies, museums, libraries, and other history-oriented groups and individuals.

CCHS helps historians, and others who are interested in California history, to connect and share information -- joining efforts to preserve records, artifacts, sites and buildings, throughout the State. CCHS also helps local societies and small museums learn about and put into practice the most effective  management, acquisition, preservation and restoration techniques.

If you are an individual that loves history or a member of a historical group, please consider joining the CCHS effort. Your membership will help us preserve California’s rich history. Your favorable decision to join us will result in you acquiring the numerous benefits available only to members.

CCHS simply represented is See, Learn and Share:

See: Every community has a history, a story that makes that community unique. CCHS visits communities and experiences the history that makes these communities exceptional .

Learn: The California Historian is the premiere historical publication that focuses on the “I just didn’t know that” history of California. CCHS also provides workshops on the “Nuts and Bolts” of running your historical society.

Share: Local historians learn from each other.  When you participate with CCHS, we offer you the opportunity to share your expertise on what makes your historical society and your community unique.



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Conference of California Historical Societies
Bringing together California's historical community to share California's heritage, learn from one another and strengthen our communities.