2015 Annual Meeting - Opening 2015 AM - Keynote Speaker: Laura A. Ackley, Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915

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2015 Annual Meeting - San Francisco Presidio Friday Tour

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2015 Annual Meeting - Friday Night Dinner & Saturday Awards Luncheon - Keynote Speaker (Friday): Jeanne Farr McDonnell, Juana Briones of 19th Century CA

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    DSC_0673.JPG   CCHS_2015_Annual_Meeting_Awards_Picture.jpg


2015 Annual Meeting - California Historical Society Saturday Tour - Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915

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2015 Annual Meeting - Basque Cultural Center Saturday Night Dinner - Speakers: John Lenau & Ben Wirick                                                                                   

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Great pictures – thanks to Kris for taking these pics and for uploading them for us all to enjoy!
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