2018 Regional Vice Presidents / RVP Group Leaders

About Regional Vice Presidents

Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) are the connection between the Conference of California Historical Societies (CCHS) and the local historical communities. What is an RVP? He or she, as spelled out in our CCHS Bylaws, is a liaison. A RVP shall preform liaison functions between members (of the CCHS) in their respective Regions and CCHS.

>RVP's are a resource to the local historical community, providing information about success stories in program and practice of the respective regions and CCHS as a whole, articulating and explaining issues that need attention within the region, and sharing great ideas from the region to the broader CCHS state-wide, historical community.

>The RVPs are an important administrative contact for you! Get to know your RVP.

>We need RVPs in many of the CCHS Regions (areas).

>There are 40 Regions of CCHS through-out the state. Many of these Regions do not have an RVP (VACANT). Check out the listing below, your Region may not have an RVP. CCHS is requesting that you consider being a RVP or ask members of your historical group, at your next meeting, to please consider being an RVP for your Region.

>Below is a list of current RVPs and their contact information.  If you are in their region, please reach out to your RVP. Besides the CCHS website and The California Historian, this is your direct communicative path to current CCHS information and perspective.

Download Maps Detailing each RVP Region


RVP Group Leaders

At the 2015 Annual Meeting, the CCHS membership voted to consolidate its Board of Directors to 25 members.  In order to ensure continued representation throughout the state, CCHS has identified 8 larger regions called "RVP Groups" designed by alphabetical letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H that will have one representative each on the Board. These individuals will be responsible for representing their specific region as well as serving as a liasion to the RVPs in their larger region (group). 

Download Maps Showing Combined RVP Regions


RVP Group Leader A ([Regions]1,2,3,4,5) -- VACANT

RVP Group Leader B (7,8,14,16,38) -- Kris Payne, Diamond Springs

RVP Group Leader C (6,9,11,13,35) -- Todd Shulman, Vallejo

RVP Group Leader D (10,12,21,23,24) -- VACANT

RVP Group Leader E (15,17,18,19,22) -- Gary Bancroft, Crestline

RVP Group Leader F (20,32,33,34,36) -- VACANT

RVP Group Leader G (30,31,37,39,40) -- Alison Bruesehoff, Rancho Dominguez

RVP Group Leader H (25,26,27,28,29) -- VACANT


Regional Vice Presidents Roster & Contact Information

Region (Group)  Coverage Area Contact Name / Group Leaders (GL)    Contact    Phone Number Regional Information RVP Reports
1 (A) Redwood Empire - Del Norte, Humboldt Arlene Hartin 707-443-8841 Visit us!
2 (A) Mendo Lake -- Lake, Medocino VACANT   Visit us!
3 (A) Shasta, Siskiyou, Trinity VACANT


Visit us!
4 (A) Range and River - Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Tehama VACANT   Visit us!
5 (A) Northeast Corner - Lassen, Modoc, Plumas VACANT   Visit us!
6 (C) Sonoma-Marin VACANT   Visit us!
7 (B) Goldfield Gateway - Sacramento, Yolo Maryellen Burns-Dabaghian 916-456-4930  Visit us!
8 (B) Sierra Gateway - Nevada, Placer, Sierra, Sutter, Yuba Michael Otten 530-888-7837 Visit us! RVP Reports
9 (C) San Francisco County VACANT   Visit us!
10 (D) San Mateo County VACANT   Visit us!
11 (C) Contra Costa County Mary-Ellen Jones 925-254-2295 Visit us!
12 (D) Santa Clara County VACANT   Visit us!
13 (C) South Alameda County Al Minard  510-552-4839 Visit us!
14 (B) North San Joaquin Valley - Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus Therese Melbar (acting) 661-343-9373 Visit us!
15 (E) Mid-State - Fresno, Madera, Mariposa VACANT   Visit us!
16 (B) South Mother Lode - Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne Kris Payne (GL) 530-919-3519  Visit us! RVP Reports
17 (E) San Bernardino, High Desert VACANT   Visit us!
18 (E) Alpine, Inyo, Mono VACANT   Visit us!
19 (E) Inland Empire Gary Bancroft (GL) 909-338-1926 Visit us!
20 (F) Low Desert - Riverside County VACANT   Visit us!
21 (D) Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz VACANT   Visit us!
22 (E) Black Gold - Kern, Kings, Tulare Therese Melbar 661-343-9373 Visit us!
23 (D) Central Coast Counties VACANT   Visit us!
24 (D) Ventura County VACANT   Visit us!
25 (H) Mission San Fernando VACANT   Visit us!
26 (H) Santa Monica Bay VACANT   Visit us!
27 (H) Central Los Angeles Ann Shea 562-408-6959 Visit us!
28 (H) West San Gabriel Valley VACANT   Visit us!
29 (H) East San Gabriel Valley Jules Arevalo   Visit us!  
30 (G) San Gabriel River John Shea 562-408-6959 Visit us!
31 (G) Rancho San Pedro VACANT   Visit us!
32 (F) North Orange County - North of Santa Ana River VACANT   Visit us!
33 (F) South Orange County - South of Santa Ana River VACANT   Visit us!
34 (F) San Diego County VACANT   Visit us!
35 (C) Napa/Solano Todd Shulman (GL) 707-213-1844 Visit us!
36 (F) Imperial County VACANT   Visit us!
37 (G) Southwest Los Angeles County VACANT 310-374-6563  Visit us!
38 (B) El Dorado County Kris Payne (GL) 530-919-3519 Visit us! RVP Reports
39 (G) Long Beach Alison Bruesehoff (GL) 562-206-2044 Visit us!
40 (G) Arroyo Seco VACANT 818-240-0348 Visit us!
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The 2016 Committees, etc. is a newly created page. It includes Executive Committee, RVP Group Leaders, Committee Chairs, Trust Fund Board of Trustees, Special Board of Directors Representatives, and Liaisons with State Organizations contact information. It was developed to be a useful resource for individuals to contact key organizational representatives.
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RVP Group Leaders added to this page. Check out what RVP Group Leader is responsible for what groups of RVP Regions.
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Congratulations on putting together colorful maps showing members and others what the 40 regions are so they can understand what region they are in and the 6 groupings of regions that will have one of the slots on the Board of Directors under the new bylaws. Visualization is a big help in understanding how CCHS operates and how we all fit in. These are good items to download for your personal CCHS files.—Michael Otten, 2nd Vice President, Auburn, and Region 8 vp.
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