Join us for the 63rd Annual Meeting in Roseville, CA! Click here to both register and to learn more about the event and its activities. We have Matias Antonio Bombal, famed film historian ("Keynote Speaker"). We have Christina Richter, Roseville Historical Society ("Marketing & Social Media"). We have Ralph Gibson ("The Placer County Museums and the Heritage Trail"). We have Rod Moser ("A Day at a 1855 Medical Museum"). And, we have Bill George, noted film producer ("Producing Digital Videos for Historical Societies & Museums")  We are ready! See you there!


IMPORTANT! ANNUAL MEETING BAD NEWS/GOOD NEWS: Bad News - The location of our Awards Luncheon, "Beermanns" has closed its doors. Good News - The Awards Luncheon is now at "Buonarroti Ristorante" (one block west of "Beermanns"), 460 Lincoln Blvd., Lincoln 95648. Thanks to Danny Alcantaro owner of "Buonarroti" and Elizabeth Jansen of the Lincoln Area Archives Museum for making this last second change happen.


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New CCHS Members this Month (May):  Historical Patterson House Foundation (Region 13), West Kern Oil Museum (Region 22), The Bancroft Library (Region 11), Marc Wanamaker (Region 27), Burbank HS (Region 40), Shingletown HS (Region 3), Monterey State Park Association (Region ), San Fernando Mission Archival Center (Region 25), Marcella Taylor (Region 19), Sierra County HS (Region 8), ECV-Las Plumas Del Oro Chapter #8 (Region 5), Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association (Region 25), Artesia HS (Region 39), Lakeside HS (Region 34), La Grange Museum Society (Region 14), Wisconsin HS, Richard Moore (Region 32), Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum (Region 23), Redwood Genealogical Society, Inc. (Region 1), UC Irvine Library Serials (Region 33), Fiddletown Preservation Society (Region 16), Balboa Island Museum & HS (Region 33), Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society (Region 33), Museum of Art & History, Ontario (Region 19), Gail Dixon (Region 33), and Holly Lakatos (Region 7)  Thank you for your support!

Website Feature of the Month: We again have picked Events.  Click on the  Events tab above (located on the upper navigation bar.) A drop down menu will appear. Among various topics see "Events." This communication is self-posted. This information keeps us informed of the latest CCHS effort to communicate thoughts and ideas to help us be successful and feel connected. See what is going on. Updated: 6/3/2017 Webmaster (WM)



"Extra!-Extra!", "Extra!-Extra!", "Read all about it!"

                                                         1920s Newspaper Boy

[Also check out In the News by clicking the About tab in the upper navigation bar. In the News has additional newsy articles and information. (1920s Paperboy. Picture source link: [CCHS News Updated: 6/17/2017 WM]



We had a question the other day from one of our members about "What is CCHS?" I am sure that at the bottom of this Home page you have read the few paragraphs answering this important question. But you may not be aware of the our relatively new CCHS Expanded 3-Year Vision statement. So here it is: "CCHS will be the recognized leader (by providing differential value & high professional standards) in  empowering historical societies (their staffs and volunteers) in their mission to preserve California history by making them  stronger and more responsive to their communities (protecting & preserving the historical record & interpreting the past to the public) through organizational development  (symposiums, workshops, webinars, electronic publications) and the sharing of successful strategies (networking)."

There is no other administratively important historical organization in California that is doing or attempting to do what CCHS has chosen to do. There are a great many important historical organizations (large and small) in California and many are CCHS members. There are many that we pursue that choose not to join CCHS. But regardless of affiliation or not, we continue and will continue to promote all that believe in the importance of preserving California history. To that end in response to that member's question, you can depend!


What Is It? Look at the two pictures below. Where are they and what do they depict? Find out at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Carnegie Library Museum Train Layout's_Grand_Ballroom_Ceiling.jpg?1494792880

Michael Otten (CCHS 1st Vice President and Regional Vice President (RVP) of Region 8), Maryellen Burns (CCHS RVP of Region 7), Kris Payne (CCHS RVP Group Leader B and RVP of Regions 38 & 16), and Christina Richter (President of the Roseville Historical Society) met at the Carnegie Library Museum in Roseville CA to work on and prepare for 2017 Annual Meeting that will be located in both Roseville and Lincoln (20 minutes from Roseville) on June 22nd, 23th, and 24th. The program is coming together with workshops, a bookfest, tours, Awards of Merit luncheon, and doing the business of CCHS. We hope to see you there! 

National Pony Express Association 2017 Re-Ride:

FROM: Dean Atkin, National President of the Pony Express Association
SENT: June 15th, 2017 | 4:29pm PST
STATUS: On June 15, @ 4:30PM the mail arrived in Sacramento. Congratulations to a successful year.


Monday, June 5th, Departed St. Joseph, MO, 3pm

Thursday, June 15th, Arrived Old Sacramento CA, 4:30pm

[Pony Express Rider Statute, Old Sacramento CA (CCHS Region 7: Sacramento and Yolo Counties)]

The National Pony Express Association (California Division) is headquartered in Pollock Pines CA and is a CCHS member in good standing (CCHS Region 38: El Dorado County). 

Spring Skills Development Workshop Knowledge Base is Posted

If you have been waiting for the Knowledge Base to be posted for CCHS Spring Skills Development Workshop (SSDW) held on March 17, 2017 at the Homestead Museum,  it is now available in the Resources tab above (drop down) or by clicking on the word "Knowledge Base." If you want to read more about the SSDW go to the Events tab in this Home page (upper navigation bar). Click on the dropdown menu, select "Workshops". Or click on the word Workshop in the title of this article.

Knight Foundry (Sutter Creek, CA) is a New Member of CCHS

Knight Foundry (CCHS Region 16) recently posted on their website under their NEWS tab that they had joined CCHS. Christine Gustafson of InnLight Marketing stated in an email message to their client, Knight Foundry, the importance of news in their marketing effort: "...Please email me any news clips or links that can be added to the Knight Foundry News Blog. This will help us increase the Internet (search engine) visibility of the Knight Foundry website in a significant way..." Congratulations Knight Foundry on joining CCHS and allowing us to tell your story to our membership. News is a key ingredient in promoting an organization and in communicating with your membership. See "In the News" for more information about Knight Foundry and other CCHS member stories and information.


Another successful NHD California State Finals were held on May 6-7, 2017 @ William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA. For information, visit the NHD/California website and to find more information, visit the National website. Also, check out the latest postings on Facebook and Twitter.                      

"NHD is a year-long educational program that encourages students to explore local, state, national, and world history." *Engaging students and teachers in historical research & skills development* Remember Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. So get involved!



Save the Dates

Attention: Get ready for the 2017 Annual meeting in Sacramento, June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

Calendar 2017Suggested site for the Fall Symposium is Manzanar. Additional future sites are Bodie, Mariposa, and El Centro. Dates are being determined. The exact locations are under review, express your preference by contacting your RVPs or by contacting the CCHS office. All these sites have historical significance so it will be hard to pick which one.

If you would like to host a 3-day Symposium or Annual Meeting, or possibly a 1-day workshop, please contact the CCHS office or one of the our RVPs, or CCHS Officers to let them know your interest. These meetings are a great way to showcase your unique community in California and share its historical significance. Discussions are currently occurring about the Calendars of 2017, 2018 and beyond, so don't miss this opportunity!


WHAT IS CCHS? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>CCHS was founded in 1954 as a federation of historical societies, museums, libraries, and other history-oriented groups and individuals with a common appreciation and love of history. 

> CCHS helps historians, and others who are interested in history, to connect and share information -- joining efforts to preserve records, artifacts, sites, and buildings. This website is the gateway into joining this unique endeavor with other passionate individuals and groups throughout California. The network of sharing is in place and ready for your involvement. 

> CCHS also helps local societies and small museums with skills in management, acquisition, preservation, and restoration techniques. Through its extensive series of workshops, symposiums, and annual meetings, CCHS is delivering what you need to be successful.  


This website is an extension of the CCHS effort. It is your opportunity to join us and learn what others are doing with similar expectations.  We hope you take advantage of what is offered and enjoy our resources. If you are not yet a CCHS member, please join us. Your involvement will make us collectively stronger. You will gain the various benefits available only to members. Our variable membership fee schedule makes a membership affordable and accessible to everyone.

If still not certain that CCHS is right for you, at least consider our mailing list for access to helpful information and to let us know your particular needs. Sign up today for our mailing list by clicking here. We appreciate your consideration in what CCHS offers and thank you for spending time on our website.



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