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Knowledge Base Initiative of the CCHS Strategic Plan is lead by Todd Shulman.

Content for this page is currently being created through the work of the Strategic Planning Committee and particularly by Todd on this Initiative.

October 2016 Update

The development of a Knowledge Base (KB) is one of the five strategic initiatives identified as being crucial to fulfilling the mission and vision of the Conference. A Knowledge Base is a repository for technical papers and resource documents. The KB is a key benefit made available to all CCHS members and member organizations. It will help the CCHS deliver on its vision to empower its members.

The KB will be accessible to members and member organizations via a secured area of the CCHS website. Content of the KB will be reviewed and uploaded on a continual basis, drawing on member submissions and the presentations made during CCHS-sponsored workshops.

The following steps have already been occurred in the implementation of the Knowledge Base (KB):
• Research on knowledge bases present on other entities websites
• Review of past California Historian magazines for potential KB content material
• Creation of submission guidelines
• Creation of submitter waiver form
• Planning meeting with Arrowhead Management regarding website capacity
• Solicitation of additional content for current KB site from recent workshop presenters
• Upload of content material to current KB site

The following next steps will occur within the next two months:
• Creation and beta testing of successor KB website
• Call for submissions, CCHS-wide, for additional KB content

If you have an interest in being part of the Knowledge Base planning committee please contact me at [email protected]

-Todd Shulman
RVP Region 35
RVP Group Leader C

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