RVP Program

Regional Vice President Development Initiative of the CCHS Strategic Plan is lead by Cim Castellon.

Content for this page is currently being created through the work of the Strategic Planning Committee and particularly by Cim on this Initiative.

October 2016 RVP Update

RVPs are the backbone of CCHS. Their responsibilities hold the organization together through communication, inspiration and a shared passion for preserving local history.

The Strategic Team has been working together with members of the organization (all of which are either an RVP or Group Leader) creating a new and defined mission statement that clearly defines the society’s function, identifies our audience and establishes goals. Role expectations are being fine-tuned, infrastructure is being added for clarity and more information will be accessible for ease in communicating within the organization. Training will be offered to help rev up enthusiasm, providing RVPs with the necessary tools and protocol for recruiting more like-minded individuals to join CCHS teams in each region. 


Cim Castellon

RVP Group F, Strategic Planning Committee Member


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I recently attend the CCHS RVP training in Claremont, CA, with a group of dedicated individuals. It was a terrific experience and I am looking forward to meeting member groups in my assigned region and sharing with them how rewarding it has been to be involved with CCHS. Thank you Cim!
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