January Newsletter


I have been 1st VP now since June of 2012. The first thing I thought I should do is to read the Bylaws and see what the 1st VP’s duties were. Basically I am the Coordinator of the Regional Vice Presidents (RVP’s) and Chairman of the RVP Council.

I looked at the RVP List and decided to start by contacting all of the RVP’s. I noted that there were 7 vacancies at that time. By the time I contacted or attempted to contact them I found out that more than half of the 40 regions no longer had RVP’s or they no longer wanted the position. I put together a new RVP list with 18 vacancies. Then I made a concerted effort over the next few months to enlist more RVP’s.  Thanks to many volunteers we have a solid base of RVP’s throughout the state but we continue to have some vacancies.  If you know of anyone that would like to be and RVP please have them contact me. All of our RVP’s receive an RVP Packet. This packet contains most all the information they need to get started including personal CCHS/RVP business cards so as to introduce themselves to their respective historical societies.

One of the duties that our RVP’s have is to Promote History Day.  They encourage students to participate by doing historical projects. If you are interested in this program check out this site (www.historydaycalifornia.org).

At our last Conference in October 2013 we had 12 RVP’s in attendance at the meeting in Grass Valley. At these meetings we discuss all sorts of items pertaining to the areas that these RVP’s represent. We always come away with many good ideas for the future. The next time you meet and RVP give him or her a big thank you for all that they do for the CCHS.

I am suggesting to the Board in February that we have a revision to some of the Regions in our state. Mainly LA County, this area has not had actual mapped boundaries for some time. After we have finished, the LA County and State County maps will be available on our NEW Web Site.

Talk about that stand by for the launching of our NEW CCHS Web Site early this year. There will be an RVP Link with most all the information our RVP’s could want to make their job easier.

In the next 6 months I plan on filling more RVP vacancies in our Regions. The more RVP’s we have out there representing the CCHS the better this organization can be.

You will not want to miss our February or June Symposium because this is our 60th year (1954-2014) of the Conference. Many Special events will take place you will want to be there.


John Lenau-CCHS 1st VP

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