2022 RIG™ List of Airfields in California

This RIG™ List is the result of research conducted over four years and includes a 211-page document consisting of 189 pages listing many hundreds of California airfields past and present together with 22 pages of supporting materials, including source materials. The RIG™ List is a compilation of research information presented in a useful coded template. This LIST is a multi-color document. Color is used to highlight certain information on this LIST for easier reading. Printing this LIST without color will make it harder to read.
This LIST is designed to be used on a computer, especially one with a wider than average screen. Using a 17-inch diagonal screen at 120% view works well..com

The research and resultant RIG™ List was compiled by Richard Sindt, retired career mapmaker with a BS in Geography. The data was made available to CCHS by flash drive and mailed to CCHS on October 27, 2022 with the note: "I'm sending this RIG™ List to the Conference of California Historical Societies because I believe that this RIG™ List will be  valuable to researchers and because I hope the Conference of California Historical Societies will agree and allow others to access it. This RIG™ List is yours to use as you see fit.

Richard Sindt can be contacted by email: [email protected]. Anyone with question or comments about the RIG™ List should contact Richard directly.

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