Welcome to the Conference of California Historical Societies!


Preserving California History by unifying and strengthening Historical Organizations throughout the State. 


While we cannot wait to get together with everyone again and share California history, your health and safety due to the Covid-19 pandemic remains our priority. In the meantime, we hope that you will stay connected and enjoy sharing California history with us virtually. Visit our new City-County Highlights page to take a virtual tour of California, with a different city highlighted biweekly!

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  The Conference of California Historical Societies was formed in 1953 as a means to bring together the many historical societies and museums throughout the State to share their common needs and expertise, and to bind them together in the interest of history in California.  Members have endeavored to find the ways of helping and informing each other of the problems that often can be better solved by group efforts - we learn from each other!           



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