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Welcome to the Conference of California Historical Societies (CCHS) Website ***.

Besides our important, informationally detailed, Home page; check out the Events and About drop-down boxes in the above navigation bar for additional CCHS events, activities, and organizational information. Member Event information can also be found using the Events drop-down box.

***If you are logging into the website as a CCHS member to get access to CCHS NationBuilder and/or other general information offered to members-only, log-in in the upper right side of the header area or scroll to the bottom of the Home page in the footer area on the left side by clicking on the respective log-in method (Facebook, Twitter or email). Then after logging-in, click any of the tabs on the Home Page located in the above navigation bar (other than Home or Grant Support) or again scroll to the bottom of the Home Page in the footer space to click on your name. These two optional approaches will disclose the side navigation bar and its information selections and open the door to CCHS NationBuilder.

Important, Little Used Feature of the Website: Click on the Events tab above (located on the upper navigation bar.) A drop down menu will appear. Note two listings: Events and Member Events. This addition provides an event advertisement and management option for CCHS members. A few members have already participated, so see what is going on. Check out what's happening in the CCHS community and at the same time post your event and it's details. Events show the various calendared events and Member Events show the latest posted event. "Post your local event here" and "Host your own event" tabs are provided on the respective pages. Either of these tabs are where your event hosting information can be imputed and if you're satisfied, posted. Your event will be confirmed by email and an editing link is provided for any necessary changes. An RSVP option is available. Take a look at what other members are doing and share your organizational activities. Webmaster

If not a member, CONSIDER JOINING US for all the benefits offered the CCHS community.


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