CCHS Region 16 RVP Reports

Annual Region 16 (Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne Counties) RVP Report

Prepared by: Kris Payne               Dated: June 20, 2016


This report contains the details of my activities prior to and since becoming RVP of Region 16. I continue to periodically attend historical society meetings in Region 16. I worked on the CCHS website and with NationBuilder.


  • I attended my seventh CCHS Symposium in Burlingame at the Annual Meeting from May 28 – 30, 2015 and officially participated as Region 38 RVP. I lead a website based discussion on NationBuilder with the other attendees and summarized my activities with NationBuilder at the RVP meeting. This was an introductory, teaching exercise showing the participants how to use NationBuilder and was the primary focus of the RVP meeting.


I continue to have had an interest in NationBuilder since CCHS began using it as the website data platform in late December 2013.   


  • I attended my eighth CCHS Symposium on October 15 – 17, 2015 in Redding and officially participated as Region 38 RVP, but spoke about Region 16 business. I summarized my activities including NationBuilder to-date at the RVP meeting.


On September 16, 2015, I attended the Amador County Historical Society (ACHS, Region 16) meeting, wore my CCHS polo shirt and hat, and spoke about CCHS activities. I offered my assistance to help ACHS with a plaque project at the Silver Lake (Kay’s Resort) and it was accepted. The Silver Lake facility is owned by the El Dorado Irrigation District who is headquartered in Placerville (El Dorado County). From the meeting date until May 21, 2016 when a fully executed memorandum of understanding was executed, I project managed the plaque project paperwork. I received an email from ACHS that stated:  “Kris Have signed MOU. You've made the interaction with EID a lot easier than I anticipated. We would not be where we are at with this project without your assistance, you have my personal thanks along with those of the ACHS.  Phillip ACHS”. This is an example of how without my involvement with CCHS this project may not have been accomplished; or at least if it was, it would have been more difficult. ACHS continues to be a member in good standing.


I had attended ACHS meetings since February 19, 2014 and again returned on February 18, 2015 always representing CCHS.


  • I attended my ninth CCHS Symposium on February 25 – 27, 2016 in San Juan Capistrano and officially participated as Region 16 RVP. I summarized my activities including NationBuilder to-date at the RVP meeting.


I participated in the activities of the Historical Museums Alliance, attending the September 30, 2015 meeting in Jackson (Amador County, Region 16) and March 8, 2016 meeting in Oakdale (Stanislaus County). PURPOSE: To encourage and collaborate through the exchange of ideas promoting and enhancing the museum experience. MEETINGS:  The entire group will meet bi-annually but it is hoped that networking will occur so that small groups may informally meet to discuss common issues, ideas, etc.


Since August 2014, I continue to be designated as the 2016 World Gold Panning Championship Historical & Cultural Resources Committee Chair and with it comes opportunity to explain the CCHS story and networking opportunity. The event will occur on September 11 – 18, 2016 in El Dorado County.


With NationBuilder, I created multiple pages on the website including: 2016 Board of Directors, 2016 Regional Vice Presidents / RVP Group Leaders, 2016 Committees, CCHS By-Laws / Standing Rules, and  Friends of CCHS Memorial pages.

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