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President's Message  


It is almost time for our Annual Meeting. By now you should have received your registration packet in the mail. The work that Arrowhead Management (AM) does putting together such a beautiful flyer is remarkable. They also do a wonderful job planning our Symposiums. When you get the opportunity you might want to thank them in person.  One chance is at the Annual Meeting, May 28-30 in San Francisco - we hope you can make it!  We are looking to Redding, CA for our October 15-17 Symposium. Hope you can make that one too!

I have one smaller proposal for a bylaws change to come before the Board and the membership in May. It pertains to: “Amendment by the Board of Directors”. It would allow for special called membership meetings. This, the downsizing of the Board and the proposal to change to a 21 day notice instead of a 30 day notice for special called meetings will be on the membership meeting agenda at the Annual Meeting, taking place May 30, 9:30am-10:30am in Burlingame, CA. All CCHS members are urged to attend.  If you have anything that pertains to CCHS business, please bring it up at this meeting.

I have looked into our CCHS Liaison positions as listed in the California Historian magazine. Many of these individuals are no longer able to participate in CCHS. These organizations for the most part will remain on our list of partners and as staff are made available, we will appoint new individuals as our Liaisons. If you have any recommendations or would like to become a Liaison, please contact me. View Liaison positions (bottom of page).

As your President I am open to all suggestions. If you have any ideas please contact me.

 John Lenau, President

John Lenau
Conference of California Historical Societies
[email protected]
(760) 249-4650

Second Vice President's Message 


Like a good mystery?

An aged male, emaciated and exhibiting signs of trauma washed up this week in Pacifica, CA.  As the seagull flies, that is just a few miles from the site of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Conference of California Historical Societies, May 28-30 at the Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport.  Clearly, this male was a historical character made famous by Herman Melville. As intriguing and fun as CCHS meetings are with history that can’t be found anywhere else at such a bargain rate, there is no early evidence that this old guy missed the Golden Gate entrance and was trying to take a short cut to the CCHS event.  An examination of the 50-foot body had a group of scientists scratching their heads over the cause of death and how the body just happened to wash up near Mori Point at Sharp Park State Beach. A spokeswoman said there were no broken bones but there was hemorrhaging in the muscles. The decedent had eaten shortly before he died about a week earlier.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the body was of a mature sperm whale. The sperm whale is the largest toothed predator on the planet. It produces the loudest sound of any animal, has the largest brain of any known or extinct animal and the longest intestinal system with four stomachs.  “This is a very intriguing investigation,” said Dr. Caitlin Brown of the Marine Mammal Center, which has responded to 17 beached sperm whales in its 40 year history. There was no word when or how the body was going to be moved or disposed of.

While the investigation unfolds, take a few moments to register for the “Looking Back, Moving Forward” CCHS Annual Meeting in Burlingame. Celebrate the Centennial of the 1915 World’s Fair: the Panama-Pacific International Exposition with Laura Ackley, author and architectural historian.  There’s something for everyone: From genealogists and history book club lovers to modernizing our bylaws at the annual membership meeting, a history fair and an awards luncheon to special added Historical Excursions to the Presidio Officers’ Club and a California Historical Society behind-the-scenes tour.

Learn more and quickly take advantage of the early bird rates at www.californiahistorian.com! 

Michael Otten, 2nd Vice President

Michael Otten
2nd Vice President
Conference of California Historical Societies
[email protected]
(530) 888-7837

CCHS Annual Meeting: Early Bird Rates End Friday!

May 28 - 30, 2015
Looking Back, Moving Forward
Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport
Burlingame, CA

Make sure you register THIS WEEK for the CCHS Annual Meeting - save $25/person if you sign up by Friday, May 1.  Rates start at $220/person for the full conference.

Learn More About the Annual Meeting:
Hotel Reservations
Workshop Topics
Historical Excursions
History Fair 

Apply to Participate in a Learning Collaborative Through the California Association of Museums

Imagine the impact on museum practice if professional networks within California collaborated and leveraged their resources to address the most critical issues facing California museums. With a National Leadership grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the California Association of Museums is spearheading an ambitious collaborative learning project to do just this - and you can be a part of it!  CAM is currently recruiting individuals to participate in their Learning Collaboratives - those selected will receive professional development, training and will contribute to the creation of resources to further the field.  Learn more.

Application deadline: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 11:59pm. 

Annual Meeting Workshops

Everyone is talking about the outstanding workshops scheduled for the Annual Meeting!  You'll hear from experts in the field on fascinating historical topics and gain new strategies and tools to help you with the “nuts and bolts” of running your historical society.  See below for confirmed workshops:

Friday Workshops

  • Exhibition Management
  • California's 1868 Earthquake
  • Thinking Like an Archivist Part I: Where Should We Start?
  • Thinking Like an Archivist Part II: What Are the Next Steps?
  • San Francisco's Landmarks - The Real History Revealed
  • Using Newspapers as Source Material

Saturday Workshops

  • Board Governance
  • FDR's New Deal Projects in Berkeley
  • Dealing with Fire Marshals, Building Officials and the Historic Building Code
  • The History of the Sutro Library
  • Volunteer in Time

Learn more about the CCHS Annual Meeting.

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