Friends of the Michael White Adobe

The Friends of the Michael White Adobe have been charged by the San Marino Board of Education to investigate the feasibility of preserving the adobe, either in situ or at a second location.

It is the opinion of the group that preserving the adobe in place is the superior option for reasons of both historic authenticity and to lessen the economic impact on the community. The Friends of the Michael White Adobe also believe that the building represents educational opportunities hitherto unexplored, and to have real relevance to San Marino High School, implementation of student involvement programs must begin as soon as possible.

In other words, it is not enough for the Michael White Adobe to exist as a sort of relic of bygone days, it should be utilized to the fullest extent possible by and for the students.

To this end, the Friends of the Michael White Adobe will:
  • take lease holder ship of the adobe and the land on which the Michael White Adobe is located.
  • plan and execute appropriate restoration of the adobe, as jointly agreed by the committee and the School Board.
  • plan and monitor use of the adobe.
  • solicit funds, as appropriate, for restoration.
  • act as the interface between the School Board and the public.