Community Advocate / Historical Preservationist

As a member of CCHS, I have an opportunity to visit locations and meet people throughout California who have a love of historical assets. As a CCHS Regional Vice-President, I can share my experiences of attending symposiums in my region - by learning more about the rich California history from those I meet and by sharing my local history with those I come into contact.

Regional Vice Presidents (RVP's): CCHS has a network of Regional Vice President to identify and empower new member leaders, utilize members and volunteers to help enhance the Representative Region, and to facilitate communication between members and the CCHS leadership. See the Regional Vice President page for more details (and full listing and email addresses of current regional representatives).

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Kris Payne
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RVP Region 38 (El Dorado County) &; Region 16 (South Mother Lode-Amador, Calaveras, & Tuolumne Counties). Past President of the El Dorado County Historical Society (17 Years). Board Member of the El Dorado County Museums Foundation. Vice-President of the