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Regional Vice Presidents (RVP's): CCHS has a network of Regional Vice President to identify and empower new member leaders, utilize members and volunteers to help enhance the Representative Region, and to facilitate communication between members and the CCHS leadership. See the Regional Vice President page for more details (and full listing and email addresses of current regional representatives).

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Q: What speakers/topics are you interested in seeing at the Annual Conference?
A: Disaster preparedness for historical society collections/physical locations

Call for Speakers: Annual Conference Survey 2016

The yearly conference is fast approaching, and we would like to hear from you!

Do you know of any speakers who would make the CCHS Annual Conference even better? Do you have an ideas on subjects we should cover? Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at Conference?

Help shape the next CCHS Annual Conference by taking part in this 4 question survey below.

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Napa Police Historical Society - Todd Shulman
RVP Region 35 (Napa/Solano)